Saturday, 31 January 2009

Comic Relief

This guy's band parody shots are pretty funny:
Andersen Ben-Hilliens Rock Paparazzi: The Pixies

"My Flashgun GOOONE to HEAVENS
he he

Wisdom of the Elders

This guy is heavy.

Some great quotes in here: “Fate is what happens when innumerable people make innumerable small decisions about other matters that have a collective cumulative effect that nobody intended.”
C. Wright Mills

Content is pretty terrifying, but I like his attitude, and the way he points out that feeling guilty about the situation we are in as a species is not a very useful way to go... he makes the analogy of a friend's dying mother who got involved in a religion that taught her she had contracted her disease due to lack of faith - and spent her final weeks in guilt-ridden misery.

He suggests that there's not much point in humanity doing the same - we children of the fossil-fuel age were pretty innocent in our decisions. Obviously we still need to do anything we can to mitigate the crash we are now facing, but we might as well do it with a smile on our faces!

He's definitely not an 'entertainer' but I recommend you put this on while you're doing the washing up or something.

Interview with William R. Catton, Jr.

Friday, 30 January 2009

YouTube - Peak Oil & The Four Futures - Tim Hudson

Interesting summary of future scenarios at the "Michigan's Future
Energy, Economy & Environment Conference" in Nov 2007:

YouTube - Peak Oil & The Four Futures - Tim Hudson - Parts 1 and 2

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Beards get radical

Don't let appearances put you off, this man talks an amazing amount of sense:

YouTube - The Twilight of an Age


Lulz. Please prove this video wrong, yanks:

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Temporary School of Thought Forever!

Thanks to everyone who came down, had a real blast and it was great to meet so many interesting folk.

For anyone who missed it - I wasn't able to tape the seminar, but you can enjoy the Powerpoint presentation below! No notes - I did the talk off the top of my head, but hopefully this will still be entertaining:

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Fun Side of Petrocollapse

Hey, doing another talk this Saturday at the excellent Temporary School of Thought -
in Mayfair. It's a heavy subject but hey, you gotta laugh eh?

The Fun Side of Petrocollapse
A light-hearted take on the end of the world as we know it

Why did the economy just start falling apart? Where are we headed and what can we do about it? While the media blather on about the latest bailouts, the real story continues to unfold. Amazingly, there is a connection between the Mayan empire, cheez doodles and the Energy/Economic/Climate Crises!
Featuring clip from 'Crude Awakening' (Switzerland, 2006)

5pm Sat 24th Jan
39A Clarges Mews, Mayfair (right near Green Park tube)

Hope to see you there!

Cheers, Bill.




An amusing video of the Temporary School below:
Not a bad article from the Londonist too:

Friday, 9 January 2009

End of Empire seminar

I'm doing a talk, 3pm this Sat (10th) here:

My flyer / info below in case you missed it.

Also - Yeah we're in the paper!! (pretty much all the papers, today in London anyway ;)
Artists evicted from Mayfair squat move to �22.5m property round the corner | Society | The Guardian

I'm gonna be giving a talk on the economic/energy crisis at The Temporary School of Thought. It's a week of free workshops/lectures/film screenings/life drawing classes etc. being put on by a bunch of young people in an unused building in Mayfair, from 5th-11th of Jan. Link below for listings + photos:

End of Empire Seminar - Bill Trible
3pm, Sat 10th Jan
39A Clarges Mews, Mayfair (right near Green Park tube)

I'll be screening a bit of this film as part of it: It's a barrel of laughs so come along!

They're looking for more folks to get involved so if you wanna do a talk, screen a film or run a workshop get in touch!