Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ammo Scarce: Americans Prep For Gun Bans, Chaos, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse

Wow... glad I'm not in the U.S. There's rumours of a tax on ammunition! Imagine the pain! How could I get buy without firing off my assault-rifle every day at pictures of our dumb commie president??

YouTube - Ammo Scarce: Americans Prep For Gun Bans, Chaos, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse

Checkout the collapse... heard the other day from these guys that we can expect the stock-markets to go down 90% over the next 10 years of the depression! (on Radio Ecoshock - MP3 of the show here)

Fun playlist here with footage from California and Detroit:

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Link Gets Hungry For Japanese McDonald's

This one is so wrong!

In fact, ads are just plain wrong in general...

Goddamn I think I wanna kill myself... Ok I'll stack some food on animals:

Thursday, 9 April 2009


In America for kicks... right now listening to Son House 'Empire State' and it's blowing my mind... got limited internet access so here's a log:

5th April
NY is a bizarre place - feels like I'm witnessing the end of an era right in the heart of the Empire here... as the oil price creeps back up again and the high-streets get boarded up - already! Seems like a
quarter of the shops have foreclosed downtown.

Fascinating city though, Chinatown and Little Italy are bursting with colour and you get the feeling the people aren't going to quit no matter how bad things get... be interesting to see how things pan out
for the 150 million suburban folk in this country as the energy runs out..

7th April
Visiting my mate Christian Nold's art project in Bethlehem PA, an excellent community focused physiological stress map something along these lines... it's a post-industrial town and the current development plan focuses around, can you believe it - a CASINO, in this economic climate! Interesting to see the wider community's thoughts on the situation develop.

8th April
Just been chatting onna email with Caryl Johnston who I will visit next week in Philly - she wrote a very interesting post-peak-oil book, "After the Crash"...

Also, will be playing a matinee solo gig at Silent Barn in Brooklyn on Friday:

Friday, April 10th
Matinee show! - doors 4pm
$5 cover

MRS. (Brooklyn)

Doog (Indiana)

Bill Infant (London)

The Cook Sisters from Brooklyn:


915 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11385
L train to Halsey
M train to Myrtle/Wyckoff