Saturday, 25 October 2008


This video=WOW:

Saturday, 18 October 2008



Here's a straightforward primer.

Peak enters the mainstream

2 years ago, French government predicting peak by 2012 (many say it is already beginning to peak):
BBC NEWS | Business | 'Peak oil' enters mainstream debate

The Long Emergency - by James Howard Kunstler

And it ain't just the newspapers / magazines and the internet:

If a picture tells a thousand words

Outside the middle-east, oil production is already in decline:

Oil / population comparisons:

This next one's a little tricky, but shows the energy 'per capita' (person) mapped over time. Note the peak in the US. happened in 1970... :

Slightly clearer version of the above for the global picture:

I'm sure you saw this one back in the 70's! .. from ecological science, the population 'overshoot':

Well, you gotta laugh - Human energy production / population over a longer stretch of time:

For the source of the above graph, see the Olduvai Theory, as proposed by Richard C. Duncan:

From "The Social Contract" [2005-2006 Winter] - provides information on the background to the precursors of theory from 19th / 20th Century scientists:

A more recent take on it with the latest data confirming the trend:

Overview of the Olduvai theory, with steps humanity must take to avoid descent - What are the odds people and politicians will suss this one out in time? Don't rate them very highly myself. Iraq war, anyone?

Nice! Someone prove this stuff wrong for me, quick!

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Friday, 10 October 2008


from here:

But what about other sources of renewable energy?

In one year the entire world produces about 1 cubic mile of oil (2006 data). It would
take 50 years of energy production by each alternative energy source below to
accumulate the equivalent energy in 1 cubic mile of oil that the world uses now in one year.

Source: and

Energy equivalents of 1 cubic mile of oil (CMO).

To produce the equivalent amount of of the energy provided by oil in one year would take:

200 Three Gorges Dams
2,600 Nuclear Power Plants
5,200 Coal Fired Plants (not good for global warming...)
1,642,500 Wind Turbines
4,562,500,000 Solar Panel

Also see: can renewable energy make a dent in fossil fuels?

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Sorry to piss on your chips but ... read this.

Or maybe not - after all, someone might invent a miracle power source tomorrow. Go for a drive, go shopping, take a nap, enjoy life!